newrelic-api: A Python interface to New Relic’s API

newrelic-api is a package for easily interacting with New Relic’s API in a concise, pythonic way. For full documentation on each endpoint, please see New Relic’s API explorer. This is based off of the v2 API.


To install, install via pip or easy_install:

$ pip install newrelic-api
$ easy_install newrelic-api

If you want to install it from source, grab the git repository and run

$ git clone git://
$ cd newrelic-api
$ python install


You will need your New Relic API key for authenticating your requests. The New Relic documentation for accessing this can be found here.

You can set the API key as the environment variable NEWRELIC_API_KEY, or you can pass the API key as an argument in the interface constructor:

from newrelic_api import Applications

app = Applications(NEWRELIC_API_KEY='4baa5d20cfba466a5e075b02698f455c')
response = app.list(filter_name='demo')

Currently Supported Resources

Resources that need to be built out

  • Application Hosts
  • Application Instances
  • Key Transactions
  • Plugins
  • Components

Internal resources

Release Notes


Please see Contributing

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